Colborne Lane

Colborne Lane
45 Colborne St.
Toronto, Ontario

colborne lane

Went to Colborne Lane a couple of weeks ago for our “October fancy dinner”.

Love the decor. Love the food (although, portions were a bit small for the price).

See pictures!

Beef tenderloin + slow & soft poached egg + chorizo + fondant potato + smoked salt + steak sauce jelly + Yukon gold potato

inhouse starter

Seared scallop + coconut cream + sweet chili + citrus fruit + nitro crème fraiche
As quoted from my friend, “Nitrogen Oxide balls that had no taste, were cold and melted in your mouth. Coconut Powder that also melted in your mouth. Caramelized scallops.”

did not remember what this was.

Very pricey place for small portions. Food was quite scientific with the nitrogen oxide. Will visit again when I’m balling. 🙂


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