Guu Izakaya, visit #1

Guu Izakaya
398 Church Street
Toronto, ON M5B 2A2    

Visited on: December, 2009 

I’m always a fan of share portions/snack food. And after reading a few food blog posts on GUU IZAKAYA arriving to Toronto, Ontario (originated from Vancouver, BC) and seeing pictures of their food, this place was a MUST TRY for me! Unfortunately, this place doesn’t take any reservations at all, so we waited for approximately 45mins on a Friday night (we managed to wait inside the restaurant, whereas, the second time that I’ve visited, we had to wait outside).
Surprisingly yet expectedly, they would greet you in loud Japanese when you enter, when your order arrives and when you leave! very authetic!
Taste: 5/5
Ambience: 4/5 – better if seats weren’t too squished.
Price: $$ – spent approximately $35 per person that night.

Food was amazing!! Very unique and here are some pictures that I took that night.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: BAMBOO – Melon Liqueur + White Wine + Lychee Juice + Soda

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: IKAPIRI – Deep fried calamari with spicy ketchup and wasabi mayo

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: SALMON NATTO YUKKE – Chopped salmon sashimi with seven friends (Natto, shibazuke, takuan, wonton chips, garlic chips, green onion and raw egg yolk). Mix them up and wrap it in NORI seaweed.

MAGURO TATAKI – Lightly seared B.C. albacore tuna sashimi with ponzu sauce and garlic chips

more pictures available on FLICKR.



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