Guu Izakaya, visit #2

Guu Izakaya
398 Church Street
Toronto, ON M5B 2A2    

Visited: February 2010

Here’s my first review on Guu back in December 2009,

As usual, I still love their food. ❤ More pictures this time:

Creeping out on the small windows. I actually quite like their exterior design.

BAMBOO drink again. Melon Liqueur + White Wine + Lychee Juice + Soda

Yellowtail Sashimi

Okonomiyaki– Deep fried Japanese style pancake with TONKATSU sauce and mustard mayo

KINOKO CHEESE BIBIMBAP – Rice, garlic sauteed mushrooms and cheese with seaweed sauce

SALMON NATTO YUKKE – Salmon and it’s 7 friends! I ordered it again cause i loved it. and now that i can make it myself too 🙂

YAKIUDON – Pan fried udon NOODLE with beef and vegetables. Their udons were generally not that great.

BBQ eel & mozzarella cheese stuffed pastry w/ teriyaki sauce

KAKUNI – Sweet miso braised pork belly with boiled egg. basically, FAT MEAT (FAY JU YUK)!

TAKOYAKI – Deep fried puffed octopus balls served with TONKATSU sauce and mustard mayo. For the price of that ($6CDN) ..i can get so many in Hong Kong!

HOTATE CARPACCIO – Scallop sashimi from HOKKAIDO with wasabi dressing. Tastes better than it looks for sure.

BANANA TEMPURA – Deep fried banana tempura with coconut ice cream dressed with chocolate and mango. Yums!



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