Susur Lee’s

Restaurant of the Month, March: Susur LEE’s
603 King Street West
Toronto, ON

Visited on April 1, 2010

Taste: 5/5 – Great display of the food. Excellent fusion style. Absolutely Delicioussss!
Ambience: 4/5 – Had Lee’s food at Madeline’s as Lee’s seatings were packed. Madeline’s ambience was rather on the louder side and it was at full capacity.
Price: $$  – spent approximately $55 per person that night with drinks. We had 7 people that night.

I’ve been to Susur a couple of year’s ago but have never visited Lee’s. With no surprise, Susur Lee’s food was AMAZING! Full of creativity with the fusion style.

Here are some of the shots that I took that night.
Lee's Menu

Lee’s Menu

Apple Martini & Tropical Martini  
– Drink of the Day. Nothing spectacular though.

Matchstick Potatoes

Matchstick Potatoes
– so good!! Loved the Mayo. Very crispy. I believe it was only $7!

Singaporean Style Slaw + Salmon Sashimi
– Highly recommended! It’s probably one of Susur Lee’s signature dish. Great texture with the crispy slaw.

Raw Scallops
– Daily special. SO GOOD! so fresh! loved it!  

Mussels + Garlic Chips
– Nothing too WOW about it! Typical mussels but the chips were good. Also a daily special.

Sautéed Jerk Chicken
Sautéed Jerk Chicken
– fresh vegetable scotch bonnet sauce ginger & mango purée. Highly recommended. The bonnet was gorgeously created!

Slow Braised Beef
Slow Braised Beef
– sour cream, potato leek purée & crispy shallots. Similar to the chinese style “au lams” (braised beef). The sauce was nicely blended with the sour cream. Nothing wow-sers about it.

Orzo Sauté
Orzo Sauté – with crab & shrimp spinach, pine nut, fresh pineapple, Thai basil, diced pork, wrapped in coconut & egg crêpe.
It was interesting that it was wrapped with an egg crepe but nothing too wow about it. 

Dessert Platter
– a bunch of us shared this dessert platter. Don’t remember what’s in it. but there’s chocolate lalala, vanilla icecream and some apple thing?

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