169 King St E,
Toronto ON, M5A 1J4

Visited on April 16, 2010

Taste: 4/5 – Great fusion style. Loved the shared portions.
Ambience: 4.5/5 – We sat at the upper level. Nice and cozy with dim lights and candles. Friendly service with descriptive recommendations. Note: from the exterior of the restaurant, you couldn’t really tell it’s called Kultura. I and a few other customers had to go inside and ask if we were at the right location.
Price: $$ – spent approximately $55 per person that night. We had 5 people for dinner.

Some chips as a starter instead of bread

Some chips as a starter instead of bread.  One of the walls at Kultura at the upper level

One of the walls at Kultura
One of the walls at Kultura


Spicy Beef Tartare – I LOVEEE tartares!  

Sushi Pizza – The crust was too hard and sticky. But the topping (beef) was good!


Mediterranean Chicken Samosas


Mushroom Orecchiette

Mushroom Orecchiette – recommended! i had no idea what a Orecchiette was but basically it’s a type of pasta. 🙂


Beef Striploin


Miso Black Cod. Recommended! I don’t think I have ever ordered a black cod that didn’t taste good!  
Chicken and Gnocchi

Chicken and Gnocchi


Lastly, we ended our day at Dessert Trends for dessert and these were the only shots I got before my battery ran out from my camera. 😦 

Just decor on the table.


Mango MousseMango Mousse


Mango Passion MousseMango Passion Mousse – Yums! Hard white chocolate crust with mango passion mousse inside!

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