Koko! Share Bar

Koko! Share Bar
81 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, ON, M5R 1C1

Visited on April 30, 2010

Another shared-portion restaurant! =) ❤ it!
There’s quite a number of japanese and korean hybrid restaurants around but this one is just displayed nicer with higher price and at yorkville!

 photo from yapclub.com

Article from The Globe and Mail about them, http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/food-and-wine/restaurant-review-koko-share-bar/article1537039/

Taste: 3.75/5 – I guess it depends what you get. The things we ordered were quite typical so nothing wow. The B.C. Tuna was quite yummy.
Ambience: 4/5 – Friendly customer service. The place was narrow and dim.
Price: $$ – don’t remember exactly how much we ate but i would assume less than $50 per person.


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