Buddah Dog

Buddah Dog
163 Roncesvalles Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6R 2L3

Taste: 2/5
Ambience: 3.5/5 – cute little place. I saw a few people studying there, very peace and quiet but the neighbourhood was extremely empty.
Price: $  – $2.50 per hot weeny dog. Select 1 sauce + 1 cheese type.

Buddah dog was a great concept. It sells mini hot dogs (the weeny dog was only around 4-inch long), where you get to select your own sauce (aside from ketchup & mustard) and your own cheese. If I remember correctly, there’s around 10 sauces to choose from and 4-6 types of cheese. The sausage itself reminded me of salamis or a chinese type of dried sausages (lap cheung). But for $2.50 compared to street-meat, this is definitely overpriced! Not that it wans’t tasty, but it was just not filling. I had three weeny dogs and I was still hungry after. Street meat is definitely more satisfying.  Am still waiting on JAPADOG from Vancouver to arrive to Toronto. Japadogs would definitely taste a lot more declicious!

Buddah Dog TorontoBuddah Dog TorontoBuddah Dog TorontoBuddah Dog Toronto


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