Guu Izakaya #3

Guu Izakaya
398 Church Street
Toronto, ON M5B 2A2

Visited: June 2010

Almost 6 months after Guu have opened, they are still so packed! But this time, it’s spring/summer time so the waiting wasn’t as bad and they have opened up their patio for drinks and appetizers.

Cooked octopus with chopped wasabi stem and vegetables.
My favourite! Love these chopped and mixed up ingredients with seaweed.

Lulu Melon – Vodka + Melon Liqueur + Guava Juice + Soda.
UME Mojito – UME SHU + Rum + SHISO Leaf + Maple syrup + Soda

Fresh Sweet Shrimp Sashimi – so fresh and so good!!!

GUU Original RAMUNE – marble pop

Grilled salmon flakes on steamed rice in KONBU Dashi broth + freshly grined wasabi.
This dish was quite a bland dish but I like it since everything in Guu are quite rich in flavour. I especially liked the grined wasabi in the rice…it’s like eating plain rich with some salmon flakes and all of a sudden, the wasabi flavour kicks you out of no where!

Takoyaki – my favourite jap snack but not the best i’ve had of course.

Scallop sashimi from HOKKAIDO with wasabi dressing.
I’ve had this dish before as well and didn’t disappoint me at all.

Taste is quite similar. It tasted exactly the same when I had it in Feb 2010. My bf who had never knew what okonomiyaki was until I made it for him was quite surprised to see what it is SUPPOSED to be…since obviously i failed to make a “real” proper one.

Grilled oysters with spinach, garlic mayo and cheese on the top.
This dish took more than 30 minutes to come after following up with our order at least twice! argh! but at least it was really hot when it came. I liked the spinach, mayo and cheese on top, was very flavourful and interesting.

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