Bymark Restaurant
66 Wellington Street West
Toronto, ON M5K 1B1
(416) 777-1144

Knowing the Mark McEwan (@Chef_MarkMcEwan) is a well-known Canadian chef and having been to North 44, my friends and I decided to visit ByMark for Winterlicious for a $45 prix-fix.

The ambiance was relatively dark. Some decors were dimly lighted. The waiter went around each and everyone of us for a selected bread piece.

As a starter, I got
bymark tuna sashimi
Seared Yellow Fin Tuna SashimiSpring asparagus & radish, wasabi aioli, ponzu jelly.
I personally like tuna sashimi so to be this was really good but my friends had stated that it the sauce was too salty and too strong that had covered the freshness of the fish.

Asparagus Salad

For main, most of us ordered the
bymark lamb rack
Roasted Lamb Rack – braised shank risotto, artichokes, sweet peas, horseradish mint pesto.

while the others ordered the,
Veal & Bacon Bolognese – gnocchi, barolie olives, buffalo ricotta, basil shoots

Pan Seared Halibut – sweet pea & fava bean falafel, tomato cucumber salsa

For desserts, we had the
Chocolate Eclaire – pastry cream, house made chocolate ice cream

Banana Cake – caramel sauce, caramelized banana, almond flakes

Overall, I liked the restaurant and I’m sure they could do better on non-licious days. Similar to most of the high-end winterlicious reviews… I would try the restaurant again only for a special occassion but not in the short-term as there are many other restaurants from Mark McEwan that I would love to try first. 🙂

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