Trios Bistro

Trios Bistro
Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre Hotel
525 Bay St, Toronto On

 A $20 prix-fix lunch:


Classic chilled vichyssoise with crème fraiche & crispy leeks

House smoked salmon pastrami with flax seed crisp, horseradish chantilly & caper berries. I’m a smoked salmon fan so i love this!! =D


Tomato & red wine braised chicken with maffalda & confit bell peppers – I liked it!

House poached albacore tuna salad sandwich with lemon – caper aioli, egg brioche and fried potato chips
– The potato chips were very fresh. This sandwich was a chef’s recommendation but i still find the chicken maffalda better!

Indian spiced potato and lentil curry with roasted cauliflower (vegetarian)
– This looks better than I thought!


I had the vanilla macerated strawberry shortcake with sweet cream & mint.

Aged Ontario Farm House cheddar with spiced apple preserve & baguette chords

Chocolate & caramel tart, toasted peanut crunch

Overall, I like the ambience in there. It was accessorized with some artistic chandaliers that spread the natural sunlight from the glass roof. We also had a window seat which faced a few small fountains in a park near the Eaton’s Centre, so it gave a very natural refreshing feeling.


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