Lolo Restaurant, Summerlicious 2010

LoLo Restaurant for Summerlicious 2010
2590 Yonge St

Lolo Restaurant Summerlicious

Came to this restaurant with my coworkers two weeks ago.

Reason of choice? 1. The Value. It’s only $25 for a 3-course meal dinner! and knowing that all of us, slaves at work, are just not paid enough financially. 2. The Name. People thought it resembles my last name and made a joke out of it.

Lolo was quite flexible with the reservation as we called a few times to change the time and number of seats since our party was quite large to accomodate 10-14 people.


Lolo Summerlicious Beef carpaccio
I had the Beef carpaccio with lemon, olive oil, shaved parmesan. I liked it!

Lolo Summerlicious Mushroom crostini
This is the Mushroom crostini .

Main Course:

Lolo Summerlicious Grilled flat iron steak
Grilled flat iron steak with green peppercorn sauce. For me, I thought the steak was over-cooked when I had asked for medium-rare. Meat was too stiff.

Lolo summerlicious Sauteed tilapia
Sauteed tilapia with roasted pepper coulis.

Lolo summerlicious Roasted Cornish hen
Roasted Cornish hen with a citrus basil glaze. This was definitely bigger than a cornish hen and from what it seems like, there were quite some heavy bones in that chicken.


Crème brulee Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream
Unfortunately the tiramisu was unavailable so I tried the Crème brulee, which looks like something that I can make too. =P This Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream looks well-prepared which was my 2nd choice on the desserts menu.

 Lolo summerlicious Lemon tart Belgian chocolate torte
Others had the, Lemon tart and Belgian chocolate torte.

Overall, I thought it was a great experience with great value. Portions were relatively big and the taste was acceptable considering for the great value in price.

For Lolo’s full summerlicious menu.


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