Origin Restaurant
107 King Street East
Toronto, ON M5C 1G6
(416) 603-8009

origin torontoorigin toronto

origin toronto
the lights above our table.

Having been to Colborne Lane just last year, I wanted to try Claudio Aprile (the chef)’s newly established restaurant, Origin, just a few blocks down the road. As Claudrio Aprile have stated in an article from Toronto Life, “origin is in many ways the first restaurant, what Colborne Lane was meant to be… The venture will recapture Aprile’s original, unfussy vision, featuring an open concept (the kitchen is at the centre of the dinning room), “modern global” classic dishes and an ambience even louder than Colborne Lane’s…” The menu ranges from Thai, Spainish, English and other places.

Having seen quite a few of good reviews on food blogs and knowing how innovative and creative he is with his food at Colborne Lane, Origin was a must-try and was picked for my birthday dinner.

Origin was quite similar to Kultura where dishes were preferred to be shared instead of the standard 3-course meal so a bunch of us collaborated together and picked a few choices that we would like to try. see pictures below. 🙂

origin toronto
Tostones + guac. Tostones is a spanish toaste. Saw a couple of people give it a high rating so we decided to try it out, it turned out quite interesting and I liked the guacamole.

origin toronto

Spanish Fries. Paneer & Dried fruit samosas + tamarind sauce

origin samosas
Samosas. These were a bit too hard.

origin toronto
Scallops – very good yet pricey!

chinois duck wrap + pickled cucumber + hoisin + srircha. It was similar to peking duck but with a twist to it.

origin toronto
Bufala Mozzaerella + confit tomato + basil + preserved lemon. The mozzaerella was so good! Good mixture of texture.

origin toronto
Spicy tuna hand roll + apple + shiso + miso mayo + puffed amaranth. I don’t remember exactly how much this roll was…but for sure more expensive than it looks.

origin toronto tuna tataki
Salmon/tuna tataki + ponzu-soy + dried miso + diakon salad. I liked!

origin toronto
wokked & fried calamari + caramelized peanut sauce + pineapple. I liked!

origin toronto
Secret drink. One of my pretty girlfriends got a secret drink brought to her but the buyer never showed his face. lol

origin black cod
Miso glazed black cod + mushroom broth + jerusalem artichoke puree + crispy soba. GOOD!

origin toronto
curred shrimp + naan bread


Overall, Origin was a great place – nice ambience and spaced out tables with an open-kitchen. There’s also a patio for wearmer days. Food had a great variety and I personally like fusion-style and shared-portions.  However, I would not visit again for the short-term as…there’s many other places that I want to try first.


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