Joe Yee Vegetarian Cuisine

Joe Yee Vegetarian Cuisine
9688 Leslie Street
Richmond Hill, ON
(905) 884-6882

For vegetarians, Joe Yee is a must-visit (most vegetarians have been to this place already). Joe Yee is a vegetarian cuisine that offers a wide variety of creative and unique vegetarian food. They can make simple veggies, jello, basically non-meat items to something that looks and tastes meaty (i.e. taro to something that looks like a fish and veggies to a sushi roll)! Their food are all quite interesting and creative that attracted non-vegetarians there too and surprisingly I would get a pretty good appetite and can eat a lot of these vegetarian food.

Sushi platter that we shared amongst 5 people. Most of the ingredients are made from jello(maybe?) and tofu. Did not taste too too fake to me.

Vegetarian bbq pork meat. The “fat” part of those meat is actually taro!

Spicy roll – I like the imitations! It tasted just like salmon or tuna.

Another sushi roll with fake meat flakes and vegetables inside. These rolls tasted so real as if you’re eating a real fish sushi!


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