Princess Cafe

Princess Cafe
5590 Yonge St.
North York, Ontario

So after a quick and filling meal at a Korean soon-tofu restaurant on Yonge Street, we decided to drop by Princess Cafe that I have read on BLOGTO a long time ago to just relax and have an indulging dessert. On the way, to my delightfulness, I saw a korean a-la-carte in front of the the SDM on Yonge!!! Very similar to what I have seen when I was in Korea so I decided to give it a shot even though I was really full already. There were a bunch of stuff available from $1 to $3.50, from fish cake to dumplings and udons. I got the fish cake with soup only but sadly it was not really comparable to the real korean street food but the soup was warm enough and for a was worth it. 🙂

Princess Cafe was on the 2nd floor.. I managed to snap a quick photo without being too creepy.

Everyone there were mainly Koreans…some were on their laptops, some with a group of friends, some couples there. Very cozy environment though.

I tried the waffle with sesame and vanilla icecream! It was made fresh (the waffle of course) and because we had to wait for quite some time, the waitress gave us an extra scoop of strawberry. :9

Overall, I liked the ambience of this cafe. It is quite a girly place but hey..that’s why it’s called Princess Cafe. I would say the spacing of the seats were decent, good for group conversations and there were a few window seats to look down at the street along with some cute little stuff bears. 🙂


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