Wabora Japanese Restaurant
550 Wellington St. W.(Insdie Thompson Toronto Hotel),
Toronto, Ontario

My friend who is in love with Japanese food have been bugging the group to go try out Wabora and coincidentally, Wabora appeared on Wagjag for promotion. We quickly got two coupons (2 x $20 for $40 of food).

Knowing Wabora had a WIDE selection of rolls and that we have $80 to spend from the coupon, eight of us decided to share and each of us got to pick a roll.

The selection of rolls expanded at least 4 pages on the menu but everything looked very similar in terms of ingredients, it’s just the organization/look and the name that differentiates them. The place was really lightly dimmed with a mix of sophisticated and young crowd.

Some of the rolls we ordered,
[from top to bottom] triple shrimp spinach, sundae, fire cracker

 crispy roll

Hurricane + Caterpillar

The Hurricane roll was a hit! It was spicy and unique. Love the cream cheese in it! Whereas, the catepillar roll was very original, very similar to just a dragon roll which was critized by the group a lot.

The 5 rolls did not satisfy us quite yet so we ordered a second round,

Black Cod – very good as usual!


over the border

For desserts, we decided to share a dessert platter that was recommended by the manager. We had one per 4 of us. The platter had some hard-rock chocolate spring roll, along with some fried bananas and a scoop of vanilla icecream.

Wabora was interesting and very creative in the rolls offered. It was worth a try but like I said, most rolls are very similar with the typical ingredients (avocado, tuna, salmon, rice..etc) that you start to feel like you’re eating the same thing. If I were to have another chance to eat there again, I would try their other cooked food.

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