Fin Izakaya

Fin Izakaya
55 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto, ON M4P 1G8
(647) 347-3864

Izakaya seemed to be the trend now after Guu Izakaya opened. In search of another izakaya place, I found Fin!

The environment at Fin was quite different from Guu. First, no line ups for sure. It’s also a lot bigger, more spacious and more of a place to sit and enjoy your food rather than a lot of alcohol in a loud environment.

The waiter was extremely friendly in terms of guiding us through the selections on the menu and gave good recommendations of what he liked and what are their “specialty” in the restaurant. Below are some of the dishes that was ordered.

Saba Aburi – Blowtorched Mackerel. Vinegar-pickled mackerel.
There was a choice to blowtorched, grill or sashimi style and we decided to have it blowtorched. It tasted similar to anchovy, a salty flavour to it. The waiter had actually blow-torched the mackerel in front of you which greatly enhanced the experience.

Juicy Sea Salt Pork Belly Kushiyaki & chicken teriyaki skewer
The pork belly kushiyaki was sea salted so it gave a lot natural taste. The chicken teriyaki skewer was perfectly-cooked, not too dry and it was very chewy.

Salmon Sashimi Liver Style
It was very thinly sliced and for once that I actually like the green onions with my salmon. This dish also came with some spices and oil for dipping which made it so much better…never really had salmo sashimi this way before.

Kamo-no Duck Shichimi-yaki – Grilled duck breast seasoned with rock salt and Japanese shichimi pepper on a hot plate.
My friend who had never really had duck breast before (aside from the chinese style) so we decided to order it. It was cooked just right with a pinch of spicyness. The colour and display was appetizing. The onions below it gave it a flavourful aroma. I actually quite like eating the shichimi pepper with the duck breast.

Bonito Katsuo No Tataki – Seared Bonito sashimi with crunchy garlic chips and citrus ponzu sauce.
This is one of my favourite dish at Fin! The bonnito was surrounded by some veggies and crunch garlic. It was similar to a salad but with a mix of texture to it (i think i like dishes like this). The citrus ponzu sauce was very flavourful and made it very appetizing.

Tebasaki Kosho Chicken
Crispy fried Wings seasoned with choice of rock salt. I liked the yakitori style food and this salty wing certainly went well with beer and sake.

Amaebi Sashimi – Ocean fresh water sweet shrimp sashimi.
The before and after of my shrimps. and yes, i do eat the shrimp head.

Triangle Salmon Onigiri Rice Ball
Traditional rice ball with FEW salmon fillings wrapped with seaweed. Seaweed was really crispy and the rice was cooked-well despite the little salmon fillings they had.

Sun Set (Yu Yake)  Takara Plum Wine

In general, I quite liked Fin. I liked the spacious environment, the variety of selections on the menu. The taste of the food were leaning towards the saltier side but i guess that’s the same to all izakayas as they expect you to drink a lot. The blow torched mackeral and Bonito Katsuo No Tataki were my favourite! Will visit again for certain plates and if it’s cheaper. =P

Went to Il Gelatiere for desserts after as it was close by (will be posted soon).

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