Allencourt Fish & Chips

Allencourt Fish & Chips
614 Major MacKenzie Drive E
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1J9
(905) 884-5952

This fish and chip place is one of my favourite so far!! It’s situated at the corner of a ghetto plaza where barely anyone will ever notice. Not surprisingly, the interior and decor of the place is also quite old-fashion…don’t expect any fancy chairs or wallpapers! Basically when you enter the restaurant, you feel like you’re out of town and have entered in one of those Waterloo/Western/Kingston type of breakfast place. BUTTTTT their fish and chips IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

Halibut Fish & Chips

Hoki Fish & Salad – came with a choice of soup or drink. 

Overall, I liked both fishes. Halibut was a good portion and size while Hoki had a bit more “fish” taste to it. The total of the bill came up to around $20 only. I thought it was a great deal. 🙂 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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5 thoughts on “Allencourt Fish & Chips

  1. this is definitely my fav fish & chips place! the fish is huuuge and the batter is so nice and crispy 🙂 and it’s so great because i live so close to it!

  2. thanks for your comment, jackie!

    this place is also my fav fish and chips place too! it looks quite sketchy on the outside but so good! =D let me know if you know of any other places 🙂

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  4. RIP Allencourt!! – New Owner Alert!! 2012
    We decided to head down to our favorite Fish and Chips place north of
    Toronto. We have been going to this place for 11 years. I talked to
    people in their late 40’s and say this was their local place when
    they were kids or in Highschool.
    The place was always had a 70’s feel to it. Down to the SwardFish on
    the walls. The place was hopping with normaly 2-3 wait staff and was family run for the longest time…..Things have changed.
    We recently had our Halibut but noticed a few things about the place.
    1) Gone are the Sward Fish on the walls and the benifits of eating fish my kids loved to read. 2) Our friendly wait staff was replaced with bigger chested staff the way my hubby loves them 3) The Halibut and portions seem to have Shrunk more beer batter and thinner slices not like the steak like portion in yesteryear. Dont even ask for the kids fish as its seems large but mostly beer batter dough ball now. 4) Dont forget to ask for lots of napkins for blotting the fish, its oil soaked not like before and the ketcup my kids noticed was runny and did not taste like Heinz. We were scared and never ordered the once famous Rice Puddding. 5) Gone are the Senior citizens have been eating here since they were Teens.
    A friend told me they are never going here and I pleaded and told them how wrong they were. I think they were right. Iam I the only one who noticed this? Just dont read this! So fairwell Allencourt for me. I now need to make a trip to the city or place anyone else knows where the Halibut does not taste precooked and enough greese to do a car. I need Suggestions?

    • Clearly Jenny you haven’t been coming to the Allencourt for 11 years because the chesty server has been there for over 15 years!!!! and the rest of the staff have all been there over 3 years as well – Actually none of “the Family” worked at this “Family” restaurant.

      As for the New Owners – they have improved the place, improved the menu, improved the taste of the food and oh guess what – they actually sunk some money into the place to clean it up as it was well past due – don’t you think. Your entitled to your opinion, but Derrik and Barb are doing a great job making the place more inviting and cared for. Keep up the Awsome Job.

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