George Restaurant

George Restaurant
111C Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1S2
416 863 6006

George’s open kitchen.

Amuse bouche
A tiny chicken salad that was on the house as an appetizer.

Just Bread but we were really hungry from the wait.

Black Alaskan Cod with Pistachio Farro, Pear Carpaccio ($19)
Like I said in my previous posts, we never seem to fail to get a GOOD black cod. The pistachio and pear carpaccio gave a great blend with the black cod.

Sea Scallops with vegetable Salad, Brazil Nut Curry ($24)
Had this for appetizer, well-seasoned, REALLY GOOD!

Duck Confit and Breast with Orange Salad, Barley Risotto ($22)
The duck breast was amazing as well! The duck confit was a bit too cooked/burt. I liked the risotto on the side!

Bison Ribeye with Thai Curry Lentils Pie, Parsnip Purée ($25)
My friend had this and it looks amazingly good. I had a bite from it and it was really tender. I adore the sides that George’s chef adds; it gives a little kick to the main ingredient.

Wild Sea Bass with Red Rice Pomme Anna, Lobster Hollandaise ($24)

Rack of Venison with Potato Perogies, Mint Yoghurt ($25) added, grilled Québec Muscovy duck foie gras
It was my first time having venison. The texture was similar to a steak but it had a TAD taste to a lamb. Very tender.

Daily Ricotta Gnocchi ($16)
Gnocchi was nothing spectacular, pretty filing.

I was celebrating one of my friend’s birthday at this restaurant and we brought in a cake for him. Without notice, we were charged $6 PER PERSON for plating fee!! We brought in a Diary Queen cake but we had 8 people, which totalled to $48 to just eat a cake at this restaurant!! The “plating fee” itself was more expensive than the cake we bought. RIDICULOUS! If we were told about this ahead of time, we would be happier or even bring it a friend’s house instead but nope. dah!

Aside from the cake, they did add some pomegranate seeds to it..which made it +$6 i guess.. again, we could have add desserts there instead too. NOTE: never bring a cake there!

Also, I didn’t find the service exceptional for the price we paid. I had close to a 4-hour dinner, which I thought was quite lengthy. They could have brought the food to our table faster so that most of our food would not be cold.
Overall, I liked their food despite the service and plating fee.


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