Swish by Han

Swish by Han
38 Wellington Street East
Toronto, ON M5E 1C9
(647) 343-0268

For New Years Eve celebration, my friends and I decided to go to Swish by Han that’s less pricey and for some Korean fusion food. I would say I LOVE THIS PLACE! I like the unique items they have – they turn simple korean food to something more interesting at an affordable price. As usual, we have a big group so we split our tables into groups of 4 so that we can share items easier (this way, we can order more too!).

We started off with the “Kimchi”ed pears with stilton cheese – I saw it on some food blog earlier and figured this is a must-try dish! Without surprise, it was really good. The pears had a lot of bite to it despite that it was “kimchi-ed”. The cheese was a great compliment to it as well. Highly recommended! Mandu stuffed with shrimp & spinach (right). It was basically dumplings. Nothing too spectacular.


Seafood crepes. I thought it was really good, it’s quite similar to the asian styled crepes as it was not sweet. It had a lot of seafood fillings in it as well but some ingredients were a tad too burnt. And it was served hot (temperature) which I liked. Highly recommended again. Spicy pork neck tacos (right) was a favourite to everyone as well. Swish by Han managed to turn a simple bbq pork neck and implement it with mayo-ed tacos.


To satisfy those who doesn’t really eat spicy, we ordered a “Bi Bim Bap” roll, which to me was nothing special but it’s a good healthy choice of less flavoured spices. Soo Yook: 48 hour braised beef shank (right), was also a favourite amongst the group as well. It was really tender and flavourful!


For the main, we ordered “Dwegi Kogi Ssam” set (pork) and Beef Swish (Swish is a full-experience course. each order came with an assortment of vegetables as well with an end choice of tradational noodles or porridge)


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