Cafe Moroc

Café Moroc
49 Front Street East

Winterlicious is an excuse for groups to gather so my university bunch decided to get together and enjoy a cheap $25 prix fix menu at Cafe Moroc (mainly because of the price. lol).
To view full winterlicious menu, click here.

In total we had around 12 people attending and I guess because of our large group, we weren’t accommodated with proper big dining tables but instead we had 6-8 circular coffee tables and we made a horseshoe out of it (weird and awkward). We also sat near the door so I didn’t even get a chance to walk inside the restaurant and see the other side of Sultant’s Tent which has bellydance performance. But although if we were given a chance to dine in there, the bellydance performance was not offered during winterlicious event anyways. booo!

Anyhow, for the winterlicious menu, I had the

Hand rolled “Moroccan Cigars”, hot crispy pastry stuffed with a mixture of mildly spiced beef, cashews and raisins. Topped with Cafe Moroc’s own chipotle aioli.
I picked this dish mainly because of the description…however, to me it tasted just like a hard spring roll.

Slow braised lamb shank, served on tagine seasoned couscous, with a rich prune demi glace, topped with preserved lemon and toasted almonds.
My lamb shank was considered pretty big compared to the others. I thought it was very tender and soft however, too much couscous and too flavourful for me. Just normal.

For desserts, I had the
BRULÉE ROYALE – A rich and flavourful crème brulée.
It was nothing spectacular to me either, I could make something similar or even better.

My friends who have previous tried Sutant’s Tent (another side of Le Cafe Moroc) seemed to have enjoyed their time a lot more since it was non-winterlicious and they had bellydance performance :(. I guess you can never expect too much from winterlicious and especially for a $25 menu. Maybe I’ll go there again for the bellydance performance.  The outing was definitely well-enjoyed with the companion than the food.


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