Gibeau Orange Julep

Gibeau Orange Julep
7700 Boulevard Decarie
Montreal, QC H4P

To my work place’s tradition, we, the younger snowboarders will go on a venture to Mont Tremblant every February. This is my second time going with them and it’s not only restricted to people working at the company but also to those who no longer work there anymore and our friends/family. [On a side note, I love where I’m currently working right now, it’s the people that I love the most – friendly, young, fun, humorous crowd! ].

inside orange julep.

This year, 10 of us gathered and went off to our most anticipated trip to Montreal to hit the slopes. We decided to drop by this Gibeau Orange Julep place for some poutine. At first arrival, it was just a BIG orange ball!!! They sell more like orange juice than poutine but to my suprise, they actually have fish and chips and poutine. The place was REALLY small, a very much wasted space compared to the exterior of a big balloon.

I had the medium-sized poutine. To be honest, I didn’t find the poutine THAT special, very typical. Smoke’s Poutinerie was a lot better!

Also tried the pizza pretzel, nothing too special about it either. The place didn’t have much heat so the pretzel turned cold quickly.

 The orange juice wasn’t special either, Sunkist or Tropical orange juice tasted better than that, it was a bit too sweet. But it was an experience I guess… to stop by for some snacks instead of driving 6 hours non stop from Toronto to Montreal. 🙂


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