ND Sushi & Grill

ND Sushi & Grill
214 Laird Dr, Unit 101
Toronto, ON M4G 3W4
(416) 800-6074

My friend bought a $20 for $40 deal on ND Sushi and Grill from Wagjag.com since it was really close to where my friend worked. ND Sushi & Grill was a tiny restaurant in the Leaside area, small yet cozy and outstanding food! They had great deorations with their food (i.e. fancy plates).

First we got a,

maguro tataki

Maguro tataki ($14) – ahi tuna, mix green, soy dressing, wonton crisp, berries
I personally love sashimi with salad and I love the wonton crisp as it gives a crunch texture with the sashimi.  Highly recommended!

beef tataki

Beef Tataki ($12) – seared beef tenderloin, ponzu
It tasted and looked better in person than in pictures. The cut of the beef was just right with the good mix of ponzu sauce.

Spicy rainbow sushi

Spicy Rainbow Sushi ($12) – tuna, salmon, butter fish, shrimp tempura, avocado, spicy oil

ND Sushi & Grill - Udon

Nabeyaki Udon ($10)  – thick wheat-flour
We ended the meal with something warm and filling, UDON! Love it! Although the description was plain and simple but it had more than it described, there was a shrimp tempera in it with calms, scallop, vegetables, mushroom and mussels! I personally love udon and I’m quite picky with the udon as well, this one definitely satisfied me, it was chewy and the soup was well-made!

This place did not look like an authetic japanese restaurant at all from the outside but it was served by japanese and the food was surprisingly good. I thought this place was a tad pricey for it’s location and look but I will revisit for sure…maybe if there’s another wagjag coupon though. =P

ND Sushi & Grill on Urbanspoon


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