Grindhouse Burger Bar

Grindhouse Burger Bar
365 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 1K1
(416) 977-3010

A few weeks back, had a deal for a place called Grindhouse Burger Bar. Friend and I each bought a coupon so that we would have $80 to spend between the 5 of us. It was necessary to get two coupons because the menu wasn’t exactly cheap =P.

We started off by ordering some appetizers – French Fries, Onion Rings and Poutine.

French Fries (yukon gold and russet potatoes)
We weren’t actually planning on ordering the French Fries at first… but the waiter misheard us and we figured why not, so we went with it. The fries were very good! Nice crunch on the outside and soft on the inside. The homemade ketchup on the other hand, was okay, with a hint of spiciness. The tomato taste was really heavily concentrated and it tasted more like a V8. We all agreed that we preferred regular ketchup.

Onion Rings (spiced buttermilk batter and panko crusted)
The Onion Rings were really good! Like the fries, they were fried very well and had great texture. It came with a very plain looking mayo dip, but upon trying it, it was actually garlic mayo and tasted really good.

Poutine (fresh cheddar cheese curds and house port gravy)
Poutine was exactly how you would expect it to be. I think it could’ve used more cheese curds and gravy, but otherwise, the taste was really good.

A little while later, our burgers finally arrived. The wait between our appetizers and our burgers was a little long, but it gave us a good chance to chat. It was also understandable since the restaurant was starting to get filled up and there was only one waiter serving everyone. I really liked how everything came out at the same time, though. The appetizers all came out within minutes of each other and it was no different for the burgers. The first to arrive was Black & Blue Burger, then the Aussie Burger (which 3 of us all ordered the same thing) and finally a Big Boy Bison Burger arrived last.

Black & Blue Burger (signature beef blackened with cajun spice, bacon ranch sauce and shropshire blue cheese)
Black & Blue Burger had a 6oz beef patty, Shropshire blue cheese, house made ketchup and lettuce on a house baked bun. When asked for his opinion on the burger, he gave us a thumbs up in between one of his big bites into the burger.

Aussie Burger (utlimate free ranger burger, fresh ground kangaroo, pickled beets, fried egg and house aioli)
The Aussie Burger was really good too! I’ve never had kangaroo meat so I picked it without hesistation. Along with the kangaroo meat, there was a fried egg topping (which to me did not look fried at all, it looked like a sunny-side-up egg).  The kangaroo meat tasted quite similar to a beef patty except it was a bit juicier and had a slight different smell/taste to it. The burger also came with some pickled beets, lettuce, tomato and garlic mayo. This burger is definitely a recommendation!

Big Boy Bison Burger (8ox. of Grindhouse’s naturally raised collingwood bison)
Big Boy Bison Burger was commented very good as well. The 8oz patty was huge and cooked to medium rare perfectly. It tasted like beef but much stronger. As stated by S on HungryMango, he would’ve enjoyed this burger more if it had more toppings like the garlic mayo, rather than just lettuce, tomato and house made ketchup. However, the bun was very good and the patty was cooked very well.

Overall, we all enjoyed the food and the service was very friendly. The place also looked very nice and cozy (some cushions on the couch along the wall). Together with the coupon, the price can’t be beat. However, with so many other places in the city to try, it may be a little while before I return to this place.


*Most of this post was written by S of  HungryMango (also an occasional guest blogger for SmilingMango).

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