Yuzu Sushi & Sake Bar
236 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, ON M5H 1W7
(416) 205-9808

Read about Yuzu from many food blogs before but never really had a chance to go until recently for a friend’s birthday.

Yuzu offered an omakase which I was really tempted to get but with such a big group and arriving at 9pm for dinner, I decided to delay that decision to another time as we might not have time (or too hungry) for a slow 7-course meal.

A total of 10 of us was there but I shared most of my meal with the 3 other friends who sat around me.

I started off with a Oyster shooter with fresh oyster, quail egg, tobiko, yuzu ponzu, uni, green onion ($7).
Personally, I thought it was REALLY GOOD! I love oyster and quail eggs and the yuzu sauce was just right! To others who do not like to eat raw eggs or mushy, slimey textures, this would not be recommended at all.

To share, we also got a tuna avocado tartare tuna with avocado, Japanese herbs, garlic oil ($12).
I thought the tartare would be more of a paste with a dip but it turns out to be similar to a salad but nonethless, really good!

I also tried the daily special, pork belly (8 hour braised or some sort like that) as the waitress had highly  recommended it. I wanted to get something different from someone else so I decided on that. But, it just turned out to be similar to a chinese dish of fat pork meat (similar to “mui choi kau yuk”). It was really soft but fattening. The small cube of pork belly was just right in portion.

Can’t leave a japanese restaurant without eating sashimi or sushis so a friend of mine shared this
sashimi deluxe chef’s selection of 21 pieces of sashimi
($35) as main.
The sashimis were REALLY fresh and unique. It wasn’t the expected typical sashimis or salmon, tuna, octopus, …etc. but this one included all sorts of different things that I couldn’t even name all. Some of these sashimis were also blow-torched (to the left of the image) to perserves the fat and flavour of the fish (correct me if i’m wrong). Also, it was EXCELLENT! I loved it! It was worth the $35!

My friends had also ordered the gindara broiled black cod with sweet miso glaze ($17). Without surprise, it was really good as we always have black cods wherever we go.

To share as a group, we also ordered the YUZU maki with shrimp tempura, spicy scallop, avocado, tobiko, seared at table ($18).
As you can see, the display was gorgeous with a flame around the plate. There were also gold flakes on the roll! Good!

Other than the yuzu roll, we also ordered a spider roll of soft shell crab and avocado ($12). It was quite typical like others. Can’t go wrong with spider rolls.

Overall, the experience at Yuzu was excellent! I would definitely return! Either for omakase (probably around $70 for 6 or 7 course meal) or the normal menu (other appetizers seemed really attractive as well). Highly recommended! Oh and keep in mind the parking, it was quite difficult for us to park somewhere close by.

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