Bonga Buldak (Home of Hot Taste)

Bonga Buldak (Home of Hot Taste)
710 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M4Y 2B3
(416) 975-0000

Had intially brought my lunch in today but got persuade to try out this korean place instead (thanks stang -.-..j/k). I also wanted to go for a walk to get some fresh air & vitamin D. =)

The place was dimly lit but seemed clean and it was pretty empty for lunch time (maybe because it was a thursday and St. Patrick’s Day).

Started off with a salad, the typical “iceberg lettuce with ginger vinaigrette dressing”. I found the salad a bit too watery, probably the lettuce was not pat try enough or the dressing itself was too watery. nonetheless, can’t complain.

Usually korean restaurants would offer banchan (side dishes) but somehow this place didn’t so we kindly asked if we could have some and we were given a choice of kimchi or pickled radishes…and of course we got both.

I ordered the Seafood Udon instead of the spicy chicken that this place is known for since I wanted something bland and soupy. The dashi soup base was pretty good. The portion was just right as well and there wasn’t too much of udon or seafood.

Stang ordered the Blazing Fire Chicken with Fried Rice. According to him, “the chicken was tender and had a lot of flavour. The first few bites of chicken were especially good. Afterwards, the spiciness started to really kick in and the balance between “spiciness” and “other flavours” started tipping towards the direction of spiciness. The fried rice tasted good, but it was very oily. The entire order came on a sizzling plate, minus the sizzle. However, fried rice that came in contact with the plate was still a slightly crunchy, which was good”.

Overall, the service was good and quick. The food wasn’t bad either. Will return for another lunch. 🙂

Update: June 24, 2011
Visited Bonga Buldak recently again for lunch but this time I wanted to try their “hot taste” so I went for the Kimchi Fried Rice. Very good! I really liked the seaweed with the fried rice and there were bits of oysters in it that gave it a great texture. Quite yummy overall!

Bonga Buldak on Urbanspoon


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