The Pilot

The Pilot Tavern
22 Cumberland Street
Toronto, ON M4W 1J5
(416) 923-5716

My team organized a St. Patrick’s team-bonding event at The Pilot. It is a tavern situated on Cumberland St, a quiet low-key street that just sits in the heart of downtown with fancy up-scale stores around it. Upon arrival, we had to climb at least 3 floors of stairs to get to the roof patio. It had an adjusted open roof where some kind of drapes can open and close to a certain level.

This is the view that I saw. Could have been a better picture but got too embarrassed to go around to take pictures. =P

I had the oatmeat stout which explained by my coworker that it is healthier, not carbonated so it doesn’t make you as full. I don’t think i’ve ever had dark beers before so to me the flavour was a bit too strong but i liked it overall and thought it was quite unique.

Also had the yam fries (didn’t take a picture of it) that was SO GOOD! the spicy mayo made the fries SO MUCH better! I personally can eat spicy but that spicy mayo was hottt. It went really well with the alcohol.

Happy St. Patrick’s day!


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