Fin Izakaya, visit #2

Fin Izakaya
55 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto, ON M4P 1G8
(647) 347-3864

My second visit at Fin. The first visit wasn’t bad so decided to come back after being motivated by a Wagjag coupon offering $22 for $45. But having a referral credit, the deal came to only $12 for $45. WOOT!

from last time so we ordered it again. It’s seared bonito sashimi with garlic chips and citrus ponzu sauce. Still so good! Love the sauce and those alfalfa sprouts. Great texture.

Everything from then on are something different that we didn’t try from last post.

Not that special. I can normally find these in dim sum places. I was expecting an entire squid that’s grilled and shaped like a flat silo. Don’t recommend wasting your money on this.

Sizzling sashimi scallop from Hokkaido, served with fresh asparagus sautéed in butter soy sauce.
Liked the sizzling hot part, tasted pretty good with the butter soy sauce and vegetables on the side.

Cold butter Udon
Couldn’t find the actual name of this dish on their website for some odd reason. It’s just cold udon with a block of butter and some salmoe roe (the small kinds). Not too special but the udon was not soggy at all!

Hot chicken broth poured over sizzling stone bowl, topped with grilled tender chicken and egg omelette.
Presented very nicely and it was quite delicious too. It’s quite similar to those meat patties that my dad makes. But this one is just served on a sizzling plate with an egg on top and mayo. They say it is an egg omelette but like the picture above, it’s just a sunny side-up egg with lines of mayo. Still interesting though. Never had it in that combination.

OSHIZUSHI. Pressed colourful sushi ($10.00)
Pressed sushi with diced sashimi and assorted fresh vegetables.
Recommended! It’s basically a really big block of sushi! They weren’t cheap on the ingredients, it was a good balance of sashimis, egg, veggies and rice. I thought it was quite interesting. Apparently it’s quite popular in Japan, they have a wooden box to put all the ingredients in and just pressed to form this shape.

Last and not least, desserts!
We ordered this MOCHI icecream.
YUMMY I say! Always loved mochis but the way they presented this just make it so much more unique and creative! It’s just two simple balls of mochi and icecream but look how cute it turned into. LIKE!

If you’re craving for some izakaya food (non-raw type) and not wanting to wait at Guu or would like more seating space, Fin is a good choice. Food may not be as great as Guu’s but if you order the right things, some items will actually turn out quite surprising. May potentially visit again after this second time but for now, I’ll try other Japanese restos first. 🙂

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