Galleria Supermarket
865 York Mills Rd
Toronto, ON
M3B 1Y5

The new Galleria (Korean supermarket similar to Chinese’s TNT) opened up around the area, love korean food! Especially fresh-made ones.

For the past few months, I’ve had the following items at Galleria,

Udon + fishcake + aloe drink – costed probably around $8.

Udon was great, I also got some spicy sauce to go with it which made it even better! To help me get through the spicy udon, the aloe drink was a lifesaver! I also added a skewer of fishcake, for almost $2 more which i didn’t think it was worth it but was willing to give it a try. Nothing special and obviously not as great as the ones i’ve had on the streets of Korea. Liked the udons overall as it was freshly made and it was still very hot after bringing it to work.

chap chae + spicy salmon roll – came up to around $8

I was craving for some chap chae (glass noodles) and decided to buy a box of it and the spicy salmon roll (that was 30% off) because it was after 6PM. Supermarkets tend to mark-down certain food just so that they can get rid of it instead of throwing it out. The spicy salmon roll was really good! Chap chae was a bit too cold and had a lot of onions in it. I’m sure it’ll be better if it was heated.

Black Bean Paste Noodles (Jajangmyun in Korean) – around $5.

Saw signs around Galleria so decided to try it. The jajangmyun was also made fresh (more like just cooking the noodles and then putting hot black bean paste on it) but nonetheless, it was good! A bit too salty for me. It would have been better if they offered a few more slices of radish to compliment the saltiness.


Delicious! Especially the spicy salmon roll. All of this came up to less than $20!

Triangle sushi – $3.50 for 2! Spicy beef and kimchi flavour.

This is the best affordable lunch! Love the design of these sushi because they make sure that the seaweed doesn’t lunch the rice or else the seaweed will get soggy. You have to open the package intelligently so that the seaweed will still be triangly-wrapped with the rice. Don’t tend to eat this hot or cold, it’s just room temperature. Affordable and convenient!


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