Maxim Bakery & Restaurant
9665 Bayview Ave. Unit 1-4
Richmond Hill, ON
L4C 9V4

Have tried Maxim’s for at least 10-12 years, have always loved their tiramisu and meringue cakes (although their quality may have been going down gradually).

My family especially love the meringues so whenever there’s a special occassion, we’ll get one of these. The meringue is so fluffyyyy and the cream inside is so goood, yet not too sweet.

Mango Almond Meringue

Strawberry Almond Meringue


One thought on “Maxim

  1. Poor service
    -Servers are rude
    -Servers don’t even remember what client ordered
    -Servers take away plates without asking if we are done
    -Servers don’t even know what they are serving the customer
    Just brings a cake over not knowing what it is
    – manager is rude and doesn’t know what customer satisfaction is

    Food poor
    – angle hair pasta is mushy
    – steak is thin
    – duck breast taste like han

    Overall the entire experience sucked. The only thing we looked forward to after the meal was the cake. But even that they can screw up and we ended up having a plastic piece in the cake. We didn’t get any apology from the manager just attitude. She just wanted to give me another piece I expressed my dislike and she said well what do u want. I didn’t respond and she walked away. And when I asked for the bill she still didn’t do anything to make customers feel better. And she thinks we will go back??? Yeah that’s a great way to retain clients.
    I will be posting my experience on any and all sites so everyone will know how bad this restaurant is and how they treat their customers. And to top off the cake that had a piece of plastic was still in your display case to sell.

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