Le Cafe Michi

Le Cafe Michi
1802 Pharmacy Avenue
Toronto, ON
(416) 490-9688

Wanted to try Le Cafe Michi because it was featured in many food blogs and reviews. Upon arrival, Le Cafe Michi was not at a fancy place or anything, it looks very local and to me, it can easily be misinterpreted as a cafe and not a japanese restaurant.

The restaurant was sort of split into two section, the front was more a cafe and the decor did not at all looked japanese or authentic. The back of the restaurant was more japanese-restaurant looking with the sushi bar.

The entrees that were ordered came with salad. Nothing too typical of it, just plain vinaigrette salad.

Chirashi – this item was a must-try as I’ve seen it all over the food blogs and reviews. And to no surprise, it was really good. The sashimis were really fresh and the rice was cooked just well with the right amount of vinegar.

Eel Rice – we wanted to eat something warmer so eel rice it is. The eel sauce was very good.

Soba – If I recalled correctly, this is actually my first time having soba as I’ve always picked udons over soba. This soba was really delicious and refreshing, i loved the quail egg and sauce that went with it. Very appetizing!

Lastly, being at a “cafe”, obviously we had to order a dessert (it actually came with the meal we ordered), cappuccino cake. The cake was very fluffy and not too too sweet which I liked.

Would try Le Cafe Michi again, maybe more of the sashimi and sushis next time. The chirashi is highly recommended!

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