Blowfish Restaurant & Saki Bar
668 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 1M5
(416) 860-0606

Initially, wanted to go to Lee’s lounge for dinner, however learning that the Lee’s Lounge is just a lounging area of Lee’s with no special dinner menu or anything, we decided to eat at Blowfish that was nearby and then head to the lounge afterwards.

Blowfish was really dimly light but had nice decors of pink and blue lights. I would say the menu was overpriced(!), compared to all the other better Japanese restaurants we’ve been to.  We were quickly seated at the bar as we did not make a reservation. The barista in front of us was doing his magic so we decided to order some of the special cocktails.

Wasabi Seaweed Caesar – belvedere vodka, clamato juice, tomato juice, lime juice, balsamic vinegar, wasabi seaweed powder, japanese cajun spices, tabasco ($12)
Pomegranate Mojito – bacardi lime, crème de cassis, fresh pomegranate and lime juices, fresh mint, simple syrup ($12).

Both drinks were interesting and easy to drink. I especially liked the wasabi seaweed caesar, it was really unique and i liked the wasabi seaweed flavour.

Then we each ordered a plate (mainly rolls),
Blue Snow – blue snow tuna, tai, salmon, kani, avocado, mango, gobo, cucumber, daikon sprout, blue curacao, kewpie ($13).
Don’t really remember what the blue stuff was, it’s probably some blue mayo.

Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice – spicy tuna on crispy sushi rice topped with jalapeño and daikon sprout ($16).
I liked the crispy rice, it gave a different texture to the norm sushi. The jalapeno also gave a kick to the taste!

Kobe Beef Enoki – pan-seared ribeye beef & enoki roll with teriyaki reduction ($13).
Didn’t find this dish all that special =P.

Truffle Albacore – truffle albacore roll spicy albacore tuna paste, tiger shrimp and avocado; topped with a garlic chip and truffle oil drizzle ($16).
This was quite interesting. I can certainly taste the truffle.

Nice ambiance, food wasn’t so bad but overpriced. If I have the money that was spent at BlowFish again, I would not dine there. It was worth a try though.

Next stop: Lee’s Lounge for some drinks.


3 thoughts on “Blowfish

  1. JOLIM! i was just being humble with my site. :p (embarrassed)

    and i didn’t know you almost got fined at the custom. eeks!! nice to know that we need to know where promo items are from AND that we need to declare granola bars! >=l glad u weren’t fined!

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