Friendly Thai

The Friendly Thai
678 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
(416) 924-842

Was craving for shawarma so Stang and I did a simple google search on what other shawarma places are around us (aside from Anoush and Eat-a-Pita). We found this place called BEST SHAWARMA online however, we couldn’t find it after walking a few blocks! Bet it was closed down already. But luckily I remember seeing this place called “The Friendly Thai” while doing the google search that had decent reviews so we decided to walk back and give it a shot.

(see that Toko Sushi across? Will have a review on it soon!)

The restaurant was not too busy, which was expected, considering there are at least 2 to 3 other thai places around the area. The decor looked quite interesting.  Service was friendly and quick.  We each ordered a lunch combo that came with a complimentary salad and spring roll (less than $10 each).

According to Stang, “the Spring Roll was a pretty standard one. It was fried well and wasn’t greasy. The sweet chili dipping sauce that came with it was overly sweet, so only one or two dips were needed before it became too overpowering. The Mango Salad had a good balance of flavour, but was pretty small in portion size. I enjoyed the crunchiness of the mango and liked how it was just between sweet and sour”.

I ordered the Thai Hot & Sour Soup Noodle. There were chicken, tofu, bamboo shoots and Chinese mushrooms in it. The broth was a bit too thick for me but it was really flavourful and packed a good amount of spices.  It wasn’t extremely spicy either, so I could still taste the sourness with the rest of the ingredients. I liked it but it was a bit small in portion (perfect if you don`t want any itis after lunch).

Stang got the Chicken Pad Thai. According to Stang, “the portion was huge. It came with peanuts and chives on the side so that the diner could mix in the amount that they desired. I love peanuts but don’t like chives that much, so I mixed in all the peanuts and swept the chives away. I really liked this dish too. It had plenty of flavour. There was lots of chicken breast pieces too, but I think it could’ve used a bit more egg. I also felt that it needed some more kick to it”.

Would definitely recommend and revisit The Friendly Thai again! The lunch menu was priced very appropriately, considering the portion sizes and the quality of the food and service.


3 thoughts on “Friendly Thai

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  2. You should try Papaya on Yonge. It’s really good thai food! I go there all the time. The service there is awesome and friendly. Try the Bangkok style pad thai or the curry pad thai. Unique and flavourful and well priced 🙂

    BTW great blog! Gets my mouthwatering looking at the photos. keep it up!

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