mochi ice cream

Japanese Mochi Icecream (box of 8 pieces).

This is one of the best mochis I’ve had for a long time!!

Normally, I would get Lotte, this japanese brand (click for picture), for mochis but I noticed there’s this new brand, Mt.Fuji, at the supermarket (TNT) and it was significantly cheaper so I bought a box for a try! They also offer taro and red bean flavours but those boxes looked like they were opened so I went for the vanilla to be safe (around only 3 boxes left at the moment).
Each mochi was individually packed in a clear plastic sheet, wrapped around with one big sheet of alumni foil in the box (pictures below). These mochis were surprisingly really goooood!!!
The vanilla and the mochi-wrap sticks together and it is so soft! The ones that I normally eat, you can taste the ice cream and the wrap separately but these ones are super soft and you can taste both in one bite! 

Have been craving it after I’ve finished this box. Will re-stock again soon! Highly recommended!


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