Black Camel

Black Camel
4 Crescent Road
Toronto, ON M4W 1S9
(416) 929-7518

Only reason why I like Metro Passes…it’s the unlimited rides on the TTC. Knowing that Black Camel is only a stop away at Rosedale, we gotta try it out! No…it’s not camel meat unfortunately! It’s just sandwiches stuffed with meat…lots of them!

Black Camel was just right across from the subway exit. The place wasn’t that big – with typical along-the-side high tables and a wall of blackboard for their menu like most burger places. Line up started to build after 15 mins into lunch so it’s better to arrive early. The restaurant was really clean, staff was friendly. One of the staff was concerned that I couldn’t finish their sandwich…o.O… i gave them a “are-you-joking-me?” face. LOL

anyways. I decided on the Beef Brisket sandwich with sautéed mushrooms, Black Camel BBQ sauce and pesto. MMmmMMm.

The brisket was chopped up and packed tightly together! The bun was very fluffy and soft, not buns where it would stick to your teeth when you take a bite at it. The mushroom and BBQ sauce went really well with my sandwich! The BBQ sauce are so good that they even sell it in bottles at Black Camel as well.

Stang got the Pulled Pork Shoulder Sandwich with Black Camel BBQ sauce and caramelized onions.

It was amazing as well with a lot of tender meat and the pork was not stringly at all! The sandwich was excellent but not as good as my beef brisket. Similiarly, the buns held together really well and absorbed a ton of the flavours from the sauce, without making the burger soggy or falling apart.

Stang had informed me that their sandwiches are so good that they have a twitter account solely for the purpose of alerting their followers of their stock of sandwiches. Once they’re gone for the day, they are gone!

Will definitely return for a good sandwich! =)

Sidenote: doors really light. careful when opening. haha

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