Basha Middle Eastern Grill

Basha Middle Eastern Grill
645 Yonge St.
Toronto, Ontario

Saw Basha’s lunch menu sign while walking to The Friendly Thai the other day and had noticed their $4.99 lunch combo (shawarma + drink). Wanting for a nice sunny walk to get some fresh air, I decided to try this lunch special.

Got the Chicken Shawarma. I personally did not think the shawarma amazed me at all. I have for sure had better shawarma around the area. The chicken to me seemed fried for some odd reason and it wasn’t very warm chicken at all. mehhh. They didn’t even ask what kind of toppings I would like in my shawarma before wrapping up everything. But their service and ambience was pretty good, I took a seat and the waiter gladly brought the shawarma over to me.

Even with the lunch combo, I would still want to try other shawarma places.

shawarma basha


One thought on “Basha Middle Eastern Grill

  1. i have tried the food here and its pretty good. and i would recommend alot of people out there to try this new shawarma place its really good.

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