Lee Lounge

Lee Lounge
603 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 1M5
(416) 504-7867

After closing down Madeline, the most inticipated Lee’s Lounge is finally opened! I would say the “lounge” was quite disappointing after being to Madeline/ Lee’s. I was expecting another restaurant with a full menu or some sort but they basically took down the wall between both dining rooms and expanded Lee with more seats and more traditional yet unique decors such as the 1940s propaganda poster, Lee’s family portrait in black and white(?), a skeleton bloated fish and more… The lounge area basically consisted of a few couches put together near the bar with a small bite-size menu and cocktails. Luckily, we stopped by at Blowfish for an actual “dinner”.

Sidenote: there was a matte black/grey lambo outside the resto:

Lee’s family portrait? some re-entry permit from Hong Kong.

We ordered the Spicy Hunan Chicken Wings and Cheese Burger Spring Roll.
They were really good! The spicy hunan wings had a lot of flavour yet not too spicy. Cheese Burger spring roll was quite interesting, I could taste the warm cheese melting inside.

Drinks: Lychee Mojito, Tropical Martini

Will just only visit Lee’s next time! 😉


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