Ginger Vietnam Cuisine
695 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON
M4Y 2B2
(416) 966-2424

Found a “very-plain-looking” vietnam cuisin that’s FULL of people at lunch! Another loner-lunch-friendly place! Ginger is situated near Yonge and Bloor but it’s not a fancy restaurant or anything, just simple sit-down (with limited seats) and take-out of vietnamese food from pho to grilled meat rice and pork buns. I think they are located beside a strip club too…. not quite positive of what it was.   It’s one of those restaurants that offers good food at an affordable price.

I ordered the small raw beef pho and a number was provided. Soon after, my order was delivered to my table. The sauces and utensils were all set up on a counter in the middle of the cuisine so one would have to get up from seat to get the sauces in a little cup, which was a bit difficult with so many people lining up and walking around for their orders. But overall, soup base and noodles were great. I liked! Great value. Will visit again for lunch.

On a side note, I saw quite a number of people ordering the pork bun, some even ordered 2! so it must be good! Will probably try that out another time too. 🙂

Ginger on Urbanspoon


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