Swish by Han – Lunch

Swish by Han
38 Wellington Street East
Toronto, ON M5E 1C9
(647) 343-0268

My friend, Korea, was in town today so we decided to have lunch together. He told me approximately where he worked and Swish By Han was the closest one and it has been on my list since I’ve last been on New years Eve!

SBH has a lunch menu that offered less variety of items compared to their dinner, very unfortunate! But I liked how it’s bright and sunny during the day that I can actually see how the place looked and see the paintings on the side of the restaurant.

Since the lunch menu was less interesting, we picked some regular Korean dishes.

Korean got the Kimchi Guksoo (hot).

It’s just basically Korean noodles with kimchi and some beef. It tasted alright to me, I was debating on getting that or my Dolsot Bi Bim Bap.

Dolsot Bi Bim Bap.

Doesn’t it look great? Especially the quail egg! It came with an assortment of vegetables, beef and hot sauce as well. The stone bowl was extremely hot and remained relatively hot throughout my meal that it burnt me a few times. The heat of the stone bowl has also made the rice at the bottom very crispy and delicious!

Our meals also came with tofu soup.

It’s not the general miso soup, it was very bland with bits of spices at the bottom of the bowl to provide any flavour at all. Just something light to start with.

The Bulgogi Dup Bbap was also ordered.

It came with a lot of beef and it was quite spicy and flavourful! It wasn’t very different from other standard Korean places except that the ingredients were obviously of higher standards and that everything was prepared with thought.

Lastly, we shared a Spicy Pork Bun.

Which was the only “special and different” thing on the menu from the standard Korean plates. The pork was really tender and flavourful, it went extremely well with the soft bun. Coleslaw of carrots and red cabbage went well with it as well, it was tossed in a French-like dressing but with spicy Korean kick to it.

Compared to the dinner experience I had, dinner was definitely better! I liked the different unique and non-traditional Korean dishes that I got from last time (i.e. seafood crepe, spicy pork neck taco, kimchi-ed pear salad). But it is worth a try and highly recommended! Will be back again for dinner next time!

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