Crema Cafe

Crema Café
53 Bloor Street East
Toronto, ON
(416) 962-3131

Remember, the location is at 53 Bloor Street EAST and not west…. Because stupid me thought it was at west initially and clearly could not locate it.

Came here for a coffee break after seeing a latte-art picture from

I don’t drink coffee but I just had to try one since I’ve never had a latte-art coffee before. I got the Macchiato just because I wanted to try something different. With little knowledge on coffee, apparently this is like an espresso, so the coffee was quite strong for me! Although a bitter but still good, it woke me up for a bit.

My food buddy got the Soy latte along with a scone. I had a sip of the coffee; it tasted just like any other coffee. =P but his latte-art was so much better looking and his drink was bigger as well. The scone went well with the coffee, it was a bit hard, probably it has been been sitting there since the morning I assumed. It was great overall!

The place came with free wifi. They share their space with Freshii, it’s just a little area in freshii. I would say it’s quite a little decent place to be for a coffee break. Will be back again if I need a caffeine kick!


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