Wild Wings

Wild Wings
8180 Bayview Ave.
(905) 709-9464

Went to Wild Wings just cause knowing All Stars will always be packed on a weekend. Arrived around 7:30pm to find that this place was quite empty, we were probably the first few ones seated in the restaurant.

6 of us were there in which we ordered 2 Maverick (50wings with three flavours) , a total of 100 wings and 6 flavours amongst all of us! Each maverick costed $49.99 and if you were to get the COWBOY for 100 wings with 4 flavours, that’s $99.99, paying a cent extra for 2 less flavours (i wonder how they do the math there).  o.O

For the 6 flavours, we got the

      • Honey garlic & teriyaki
      • SMOKING RANCH – smokey bbq and ranch – really good! The ones with the white ranch over it.
      • cajun
      • Farmers daughter – bbq, medium and wild jerk
      • desperado – medium and maple
      • forgot the last one.

We also got some onion rings and fries as sides. They were nice and crispy.

With 6 people, 4 guys…we DID NOT FINISH all 100 wings!!! I ate close to 20!! failed. we end up packing almost 15-20 wings home. such light eaters but it was good! the sauce was good and wings were quite meaty. Will visit again but maybe order less wings. 🙂


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