9737 Yonge St
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 8S7
(905) 508-0777

My first time at H-Mart. It’s quite similar to Galleria but just smaller in terms of the grocery side but more selections at their “food-court”.

I decided on the noodles with black bean sauce and peppery seafood soup combo ($7.99) just cause I love noodles and there’s 2 in 1! Even better so that I can try different things out.

I liked the black bean sauce noodles more although it was a bit salty but the red part wasn’t too spicy so it lacked a bit of a flavour. Did not regret getting this, I can eat more of different things than eat a lot of one thing so it was a good choice!

Soon Tofu was also ordered. It came with side dishes!! It was pretty good, I liked it boiling hot!

Last but not least, aloe drinks! they complement well with spicy korean food. refreshing! Will come back again if I ever crave any quick korean food.


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