Windsor Arms

Windsor Arms Hotel
18 Saint Thomas St
Toronto, ON M5S 2Z7
(416) 971-9666

Bought a Wagjag coupon earlier for $40 for 2 – a High Tea at Windsor Arms but only available for Mon – Wed. Original price on a weekday excluding holidays is $30/person, weekend $38 while holiday times are $43/person, so with the deal, it is quite a steal and luckily, with a friend working with me at work, we decided to extend our lunch to have high tea just during the hype of the Royal Wedding.

We arrived promptly for the 12:30pm tea time and waited a bit to be seated. I requested to sit in that sophisticated black and purple room but was rejected because the set-ups were prearranged…o.O weird but fine. next time, I’ll ask to seat in that room.

So we got seated in this red classic room with 3 other groups.

The room was small but the décor were really nice from walls, to teacups to chandeliers.

Not sure if the waiter was busy or just generally taking his time but the service was so slowwwwww (as we were rushing to have a quicker lunch). It took at least 20mins for us to be served with just what we would like to order, which basically is the full tea course and then waited at least another 5 minutes for our tea to come.

The Full High Tea course is basically below:

A Choice of our Loose-Leaf Teas

I picked the Eve’s Temptation. It was apple and mango flavoured, very sweet and fruity while Stang picked the Earl Grey.

Fresh Scones with Preserves and Devon Cream & Goat Cheese and Caramelized Shallot Tart

It was really good! Very fluffy and smells so good! These pastries are quite filling. The jam that came with it was also scrumptious and fruity.
A Presentation of Fresh Sandwiches:
Smoked Salmon and Wasabi Sour Cream with Salmon Caviar
Cucumber with Sundried Tomato Paste and Dill Cream Cheese
Grilled Chicken, Granny Smith Apples Citrus Mayonnaise, Greek Yogurt & Chives

I especially liked the smoked salmon + salmon caviar while Stang liked the Cucumber with Sundried Tomato Paste. Love these! Would eat them anytime!

Berries and Whipped Cream
Petits Fours

Every piece of the dessert was awesome! The one on the far left was my favourite, mousse and crunchy coffee crisp! The one with the 3 blueberries on top was also quite refreshing and interesting. Lastly, it strawberry cream was also provided. I thought it was quite plain but the whip cream on top was quite light and delicious.

Would most likely visit again …maybe if there’s another deal though. Note, take it as a lunch rather than a “high tea” snack… because they are very filling!

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5 thoughts on “Windsor Arms

  1. I actually will be going to Windsor Arms for high tea during the holiday. I was wondering can you taste the wasabi sour cream cause my bf is not a big fan of the wasabi taste… btw how many rooms do they have?

    • Did you get the deal from TeamBuy?
      to be honest, i couldn’t really taste the wasabi… it was very very mild. i believe they have 3 rooms. They have the red room that i went to, a purple room and i can’t remember the 3rd one.

      • unfortunately the deadline has passed. I’ll repost it here again if i see the deal. but it will probably be another half a year or so.

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