865 York Mills Road
Toronto, ON

Matsu opened for almost 2 months and a lot of my friends just love to go there for lunches! Their food is good, service is quick and decor is phenomenal. So I decided to ask them to go to dinner there.

Can’t agree more that the decor was really nice considering the location it is at and from the outside, you cannot predict that it would be something like this inside.  The interior  feels sophisticated with the box moldings, dark-brown and black frames around. There’s also an area in the middle, near the sushi bar that is just a glass wall with white lights ?…not sure what the purpose for it is but it seems kinda cool. The sushi bar on the right picture looked amazing as well especially with the white lights behind the craved-tree-branches frame.

The menu consisted of a range of japanese and thai food.

I had the green curry chicken rice ($8), which I normally don’t get rice but I really wanted to try the green curry. The dish was pretty good, the portion was just right although it looked kinda small. It was quite flavourful, although not spicy enough but I guess that’s good so that it doesn’t cover too much of the mushroom and chicken flavour.

Pineapple fried rice – someone had ordered that. It was quite huge! I didn’t get to taste it but i’m sure it tasted amazing!

While almost everyone got thai dishes or the bento boxes (which i didn’t get a picture of  how delicious they looked with the great value :(), this sushi was ordered by one since he wasn’t that hungry. Unsurprised, this sushi was a scam, it costed almost $15 and it wasn’t filling at all! They were very basic sushis.

Thus, don’t go for their japanese food…it’s not quite worth the price for the quality. Thai food and the bento boxes would be at a better value and taste. I will probably visit again to try out their lamb rack and maybe other thai authetic food.

Matsu Japanese + Thai on Urbanspoon


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