Toko Sushi

Toko Bistro and Bar
637 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M4Y
(647) 436-9943

Have been to SUSHI TRAIN, a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant on Yonge 3 years ago and wanted to try it again, however, it is now closed. boo. I looked up another conveyor-belt sushi places and came across Toko which was quite near by.

My friend and I walked in for lunch to see only a few tables seated and NO ONE was at the conveyor belt but we took a seat there nonetheless. I guess the customers there were not into sushi or maybe it’s more popular during dinner time where they actually offer more variety on the belt. There were plates of fake and real food passing, most of them were quite generic and typical but we still managed to pick 2 that will be described later on.

We both ordered bento boxes. The combo started off with miso soup and seaweed salad. On the menu, it states that the green salad can be substituted for a seaweed salad so obviously I asked for that but somehow our green salad still arrived along with the seaweed ones….hence, she probably heard wrong and thought we wanted to add it to our orders. oh well. Nonetheless, the seaweed salad was good, vinaigretted just right. My friend thought the miso soup was the saltiest one he had ever had!

Trio of banchans were also offered with kimchi pickled radishes, sweet potatoes and bean sprouts. This indicates that they are ran by Koreans as only Koreans offer that.

Beef Teriyaki Bento
My beef teriyaki was cooked like a steak; it was still pinkish at medium rare. It was just how I liked it but it would have made more sense if the waitress had actually asked how one would like their beef to be cooked before hand. The beef was quite tender and the portions were big that it filled me up! Presentation was nice too.

Chicken Teriyaki Bento
Similarly, the chicken teriyaki was marinated well and cooked perfectly. The vegetables underneath were also good, thanks to all the sauce that it was drenched in.

Being the only ones sitting at the conveyor belt, we had to try some of the sushi on it!

Dynamite Roll(?) and Dragon Roll
It was pretty good. Except it costs $3.50… Otherwise, it was pretty good. Quite expensive for this piece I would say.

With only the two of us at the conveyor belt, this also meant that the sushi chefs had absolutely no reason to keep the conveyor belt well stocked with sushi. About 7 minutes into our meal, we noticed that it was the same things floating by us, which didn’t give us any incentive to try anything new either. -_-

Would come back to Toko if I want some Japanese or Korean food in a large portion at a fair price in the area or if they actually lower the price of the sushi on the belt with more variety. The food was normal and worth the money. The tables on the side of the resto would not be a bad choice for a lonely meal. :p

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