Guu Sakebar

Guu SakaBar
The Annex
559 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M5S
(647) 343-1101

After 1 year anniversary of Toronto’s Guu Izakaya, they finally opened the second store! Guu Sakebar was a lot bigger, offering more seats and space, ultimately…less line ups as well!! Visited on a Wednesday night around 9PM, there was barely a wait, maybe around 3-5 mins wait. I guess it was also due to Japan’s earthquake that people are worried of eating japanese food.

The ambience is quite similar to Guu #1, with the typical communual tables, the infamous Edison light bulbs from the ceiling and the square windows around the restaurant.

Another side of it is a zashiki room with tatami mats but there’s actually an opening on the floor for your legs (you would have to remove your shoes in this area). I thought this set up was quite interesting, it gives a very authentic japanese feeling.

I noticed that Guu Sakabar offered a lot of sharing-friendly items such as odens (hot pot style) and kushis (deep fried kebabs) but most of the items were similar to Guu #1’s menu, around 20% were different. I personally liked Guu #1’s menu more, more variety in grills, sashimis, cooked rice/udons and fried..etc. AND bigger portions!

We ordered …

Uni and Amaebi

Fresh sea urchin sashimi and sweet shrimp sashimi from Vancouver. I quite liked how they emphasized the VANCOUVER part. lol. very fresh and delicious! Wish I could have more!

Grilled saba

saba mackerel with dill herb, garlic, lemon, onion on sizzling plate. I quite liked this dish, the fish was grilled to perfect without the fishy smell.


Deep fried nori seaweed battered fish cake tempura. It was quite interesting. Never had something like this. The fish cake tempura was served quite warm and i actually liked the wasabi/seaweed powder that they provided to go with it instead of the typical tempura soya sauce.

Oshi zushi

Torched marinated mackerel pressed sushi. Sushi was overally really good with the mackerel fresh. I guess it’s mackeral’s season or maybe the cheapest for now that most of the items in the menu were mackerel! Fin definitely offered a better torched mackerel and pressed sushi.

Carbonara udon

Creamy udon with bacon, onion, half boiled egg. I liked! Especially the bacon. :9 Never though udons can be served creamy. It wasn’t too thick or slimmy.


3 kinds of sashimi belly sushi! This was our favourite that we ordered 2 dishes of these (pic kinda blurry). All 3 sashimi sushis were made differently from plain to a slightly grilled sashimi sushi.


Marinated mackerel sashimi with onion, sesame, ponzu sauce. Another mackerel -_-. This one was a failure!!!! This little dish was $5.2 and barely had any mackeral sashimis and it was just a bowl full of onions!!! DO NOT GET THIS! not worth it!

Salmon nattoo yukke – chopped salmon sashimi mixed with five friends (natto, shibazuke, takwan, wonton chips, onion, quail egg)

This was exactly the same as salmon + 7 friends, but with just 5 friends instead, what does this mean? means an increase in price by offering less ingredients and the dish was so much smaller!!! probably won’t get it again now that i know how to make it myself! 🙂

Hotokushi – mouthful scallop sashimi with sea urchin cream sauce ($5.8)

Quite fresh and delicious. One of our favourite dishes but only 3 spoons of scallop. I liked the presentation of it. Guu #1 has a similar dish with scallop (hotate carpaccio – scallop sashimi from hokkaido with wasabi dressing). They are probably equavalent price so if you do the comparison, this one is not very worthy despite the “urchin cream sauce” that can be replaced.

Goma Zukushi – sesame ice cream with sesame rice cake, sesame cracker. ($5)

Surprisingly this dessert choice wasn’t so bad. It’s everything in sesame. Great mixture of icecream, cracker and the riceball. It costed $5, definitely better than that Saba-pon with just onions and mackerel.


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