Zen Japanese Restaurant
2803 Eglinton Avenue East
Scarborough, Ontario M1J 2E1

At the Sushi Bar

The very first time that I’ve ever been to this restaurant was actually with my ex coworkers who we have worked for a japanese automative company. Upon arrival, I had noticed that the senior exectives of the company (all Japanese) were all here! So this place must be good and authetic! Without suprise, they are really good despite the location looking a tad sketchy.

Zen is relatively small, sitting no more than 30 people. We were lucky enough to sit at the sushi bar, in which it was decorated with little japanese displays.

We started off with their daily special, the crab cake and fried smelt.

Both were delicious and crafted nicely! The crabcake was very interesting, it was crispy with lots of flavour inside.

Being seated at the sushi bar, we have to order sushi and sashimi to try out the chefs’ skills. We ordered the Omakase Sushi – Chef’s Choice for 1 ($45) and Sashimi – Assorted Sliced Raw Fishes, for 2 of us to share.

The chef was nice enough to slice the sushis in half for us as he saw us sharing.

Here are some of the pictures of the sushis, it was made for us in pairs at a time so that we can enjoy it freshly-made. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of every single piece… I got too excited and hungry that I started eating them up before I realized I forgot to take a picture. But nonethless, AMAZINGLY GOOD!! The sushis were presented nicely, the rice was good and static, sashimis were fresh!

Spicy Tuna Roll came with our omakase sushi.

A picture of the entire omasake sushi dish that was taken on another day.

Tuna Hand Roll – it came with our omakase sushi as well. Their hand rolls do not look like the typical icecream cone style, they are just a seaweed rolled up with rice like a pipe. Gotta note that their seaweed are amazing!! Very crispy, the rice doesn’t make it soggy at all and from what I know they are imported from Japan and are quite freshly roasted.

Lastly, to end our meal, we ordered the tempura udon.

Very good as well! The dish was simple and bland yet declicious. Exactly something that you want to end the meal with. Soup base was good, udons were slurpilicious, chewy and springy!

I have actually visted Zen a couple of times before this post, so obviously it’s good!! Will continue visiting. Gan-ba-daei!

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