Sakura Korean Japanese Restaurant
7 Spring Garden Avenue
Toronto, ON
(416) 227-2270

If you’re looking for delicious affordable udons, this is the place to go! Sakura is situated at Yonge & Sheppard along with many other japanese and korean restaurants. Although this place mainly serves Japanese food but it’s run by Korean. Service is friendly and I wanted to make a note on the waitress’ attire but I won’t, go see it for yourself. 🙂

To start of the meal, how can you not have banchan at a korean resto? I especially liked the glass noodles, they’re my fav, in which not too many korean restos serve it for free!

We also got these tiny sushis for one of our combos. Nothing spectacular but they were really small!

Beef Teriyaki
The bento box was a combo in the menu, came with salad, soup AND sashimis and maki roll. Such a deal! Normally they don’t serve sashimis nor a shrimp tempura maki roll. The beef was cooked just right as well.

Hurrican Roll
We ordered this roll to share, it’s also my favourite. I order this everytime I come here. It consisted of shrimp tempura, tuna/ yellow tail, salmon, eel and spicy mayo, topped with avocado, fish roe AND cream cheese within! It is also served warm which made the cheese melt in your mouth and the spicy mayo gives a good kick to it! Highly recommended!

Pork Cutlet Udon and Tempura udon
The size of these udons were quite large compared to many other places. It doesn’t have too much toppings in it such as seaweed, crabmeat like usual but instead lots of noodles and tempura crunches! The soup base is just right, served hot, the udons were stringy and chewy! Being an udon-lover, I think this is one of the best udons I’ve had considering the price at $8.99 or less?

They also serve the pork cutlet and tempura on the side which doesn’t make them soggy in the soup. I was extremely full after eating the udon…I would even say that if we didn’t order the hurrican roll, we would be just right. Will continue to visit that place. Great value and great food!

Update: June 24, 2011
Recently visited Sakura again and had the same udons. but instead of having the hurrican roll, we went for the Alaska roll instead which was quite similar to the Hurrican roll minus the crispy and hot sauce, yet EQUALLY AS GOOD!!


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