Alice Fazooli’s

Alice Fazooli’s Richmond Hill
155A York Blvd.
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3B4

Visited Alice Fazooli’s for some good pasta. They are quite similar to moxie’s except their pasta was a lot better.

To start, we ordered the

Shrimp Calamari Puttanesca with Roma tomato, olives, capers, piccante tomato sauce, fresh basil, focaccia wedges ($10.95).
It was pretty good except that we wanted fried calamaris instead but misread, still good though!

Hoegaarden + Fazooli’s Caesar – Smirnoff Vodka, horseradish, Tabasco, clamato, Alice’s skewer (spicy but I like!).

Margherita Pizza with Fresh niagara artisanal mozzarella, tomato sauce, basil ($12.95).
If I remembered correctly, there was a star beside this pizza and that was the reason that we got it but it totally did not deserve the star. It was very bland, not much flavour, barely any sauce. Dislike! 3 of us, each got a slice and had almost 1/4 of the pizza left that we didn’t even bother packing it. I just took a quick look at their online menu, apparently there were many other pizzas that sounded a lot better but we just went for the star. NTS: not look at stars and actually read what toppings there are.

Shrimp Angel Hair with sautéed shrimp, tomato, roasted garlic, white wine, e.v.o.o, salsa verde ($16.95).
This pasta was good, very flavourful and I especially liked the pesto sauce with it. I also added chicken with my pasta to make it even more filling. =P This was a favourite to a lot of people.

Fettuccini Di Mare with shrimp, scallops, mussels, roasted red peppers, spinach, scallions, cream sauce ($17.95).
I loved this pasta! I liked all the seafood in it, it wasn’t just sprinkled tiny scallops or shrimps but big chewy ones. =) The cream sauce was just right; not too thick or bland. Compared to the angel hair above, I preferred this one better… maybe because of the cream sauce and the pasta itself was less “noodle-like”.

Will continue visiting. Although I know the pasta doesn’t taste all that “hand-made” but still pretty decent and original.

FYI – apparently you get a $10 coupon if you subscribe to their mailing list on their website.

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