401 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 1K1
(647) 729-1747401

A friend was telling me how delicious m:brgr was when she had tried it in Montreal. So when I saw the deal on Dealfind, $25 for $50, my friend and I quickly bought two for our friends to join us. Initially, one of us was going to try that $100 burger but after looking at what was in it, it wasn’t really worth it for me… well not when all those expensive ingredients are all smooched up like that. Part of M:Brgr’s sales do donate to Sick Kids but that’s just a way to make you feel better when you’re eating something a bit pricier, nonetheless, good for them to contribute back to the society (it also helps them on their tax. Haha).

5 of us combined and visited m:brgr on a Friday night at 6pm with the restaurant still slightly empty. Knowing that we have $100 to spend, each of us can use $20.

A normal AAA beef burger and veggie burger was $9.99 in which you can pick your type of bun and dressing. But for each additional topping, it was around $1.50 – $3 and of course there was the really expensive toppings that were at least $7-15 such as foie gras, black truffle carpaccio, wagyu beef patty..etc.

Yam Fries + Truffle fries
The truffle fries wasn’t that special… I can smell some of the truffle oil but that was it. Nonetheless, they weren’t bad.

AAA beef burger + monterey jack cheese + + fried egg + french fried onions + cucumber mango relish
My friend had commented that the burger was really tasty. The egg yolk was super runny making it messy and the cucumber mango relish was refreshing and sweet. There were also way too many French fried onions on it, it would have been better if some of them were put on the side instead.

JM’s Mushy Veggie Burger – Served with fresh tomato, roasted red pepper aioli + fried egg + spicy pickle relish?
The girl went for the healthier selection. We were warned that the veggie burger may be a bit mushier than usual but really juicey in which the girl who ordered it agreed. I took a small bite out of it and did not like it! too mushy for me. Different taste for different people though.

While 2 girls shared a AAA beef burger + Caramelized onions + spicy relish
After the healthier selection, these girls decided to eat lightly with two of them sharing this burger. They commented that it was good, patty was very juicey.

And of course, I went all out with mine, ordering the AAA beef burger + fried egg + grilled portobello mushrooms + foie gras! + monterey jack cheese!!!
The most expensive burger out of the crew with my must-try and favourite foie gras! This burger was mouth-watery delicious! The AAA beef burger was well grilled! I especially liked the fried egg on it, giving it a bit more texture. Mushrooms were great as well but it would have been better if they had provided more. Lastly, the foie gras wasn’t that big of a piece but yet very juicey and delicious!! It melted in my mouth with a rich flavour!
Will probably not want to add foie gras in my burger another time due to the costs (additional ~$9?) but it was definitely worth a try and a recommendation! Once in a lifetime.

Our total bill came up to around $90 which was less than the coupon (RARE OCCASION!!!) . Usually whenever we use these deals, we would end up ordering more than the value, costing the meal to turn into a 15-25% off but we actually got the full 50% out of it this time! This was probably and mainly due to the shared burger that the girls had and they did not order anything extraordinary like me =P. So we paid the $90 bill with our $100 coupon (with only $50!)…we should have ordered a dessert to make it the full amount but oh well and we paid our gratitude on top as we weren’t sure if the coupon includes that.

Overall, great experience! Delicious burgers. Friendly service, great ambience and surrounding. My friend who initially referred me here had commented that the m:brgr in Montreal was better than Toronto’s but this place didn’t disappoint me anyways. Will definitely return.

So after all these gourmet burger places that I’ve recently been to such as:

M:brgr is rated #1 out of all so far. 🙂

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