Okonomiyaki House

Okonomiyaki House
23 Charles Street West
Toronto, ON M4Y 2R4
(416) 925-6176

My first time at Okonomiyaki House has been two years ago. It is located at a quiet area in one of the busiest streets in downtown Toronto, Yonge and Bloor. The place was quite authentic with red lanterns and a teriyaki table for making okonmiyakis.

Unlike the ones you eat in Japan, you don’t make it yourself but you order it on a piece of paper and it’s served on a sizzling hot plate (not quite sizzling though).

In my most recent visit, I ordered the Octopus okonomiyaki + bonito flakes.

Love bonito flakes… quite tasteless but good texture and it looks pretty when shimmered on warm food. It was an additional $0.50 to be served on the side. I thought the okonmiyaki was quite salty and too saucey! The one that I had before was definitely a lot thicker and yummier!
Seaweed powder was also served on the side.

Didn’t require much customer service. I think I barely spoke to the waitresses. Service was fast as well. Quite a loner-friendly environment. lol

Everyone tells me that home-made Japanese ones are a lot better…I’ve yet to try!
Have attempted making these at home but I totally failed!

Will return again if I need a quick lunch but $9 including tips is a bit pricey considering the ingredients served.

Prices and interior of Okonomiyaki House

Okonomi House on Urbanspoon


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